Great Ideas to Make Over Your Attic

Do you need additional living space in your home? If your attic is wasted space, it might be a great area to renovate.

With a little creativity and for perhaps not quite as much money as you might expect (especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer), you can transform your attic into the extra living space you’ve been looking for.

Here are a few considerations when converting your attic:


Attics tend to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer due to a lack of insulation. If you decide you want to renovate your attic, you will likely want to add some insulation before getting started on any construction.


If your attic lacks windows or natural light, adding skylights can bring light to the interior. Skylights can brighten even the gloomiest of attic spaces.


Depending on the nature of your attic, you may need to add some accessibility. Walk-up attics are easily reached, but if you have a pull-down ladder to enter the attic, you might need to consider putting in stairs. Spiral staircases can save space and are a unique architectural feature.


Use your attic’s existing attributes! Attics in older homes often include features like dormers that can add interesting angles or provide clever storage space. Create window seats or use the existing architecture to add built-ins that amp up the room’s charm.


As with any room, the fixtures that you choose, such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, and switch plates, should reflect the room’s new design. Think of it as an opportunity to flex your creativity and really put a fresh spin on an old space. If you plan to put in a bathroom, wet bar, or any other plumbing, the job might be a bit larger than a simple makeover, but you’ll have plenty of room to get creative with style, from sinks and showers to faucets and hardware.

So, now that you’ve considered some of your options based on the nature of your “old attic,” it’s time to decide what to do with your “new attic,” and the possibilities are practically endless depending on your needs and budget. Here are just a few ideas for re-purposing your attic space:

Extra Bedroom

Whether you could use the space for a spare room or you simply need an additional bedroom area because your kids are growing, an attic bedroom can be the perfect solution. Adding a bedroom in the attic can increase privacy for family members or provide additional guest space.


Imagine having all the kids’ toys out from underfoot and stashed away in an attic playroom. Even better, the messy play space will be tucked away when guests visit. And as a bonus, the kids get to have their own personal area to play in. As for design, playrooms can be simple or elaborate – let your imagination soar.

Home Office

Today’s corporate workforce is working from home at least part of the time in increasing numbers. An attic office is the perfect solution for separating work and home all under the same roof. Don’t forget to consider your power needs and connectivity if you decide to set up a home office.

Bonus Room

Choose a function for your extra attic living space … a home exercise center, media room, or simply a place to pursue your hobby, from sewing to yoga. You’re only limited by your interests and creativity. Build a library, create a meditation area, or fill the room with craft supplies and tools.

If your attic space could be better used as living space, there are virtually unlimited possibilities. With a little planning, a careful budget, and some clever design options, you can change your attic into that “missing” room you’ve been wishing for. Good luck!